For many, a trip to the Isle of Wight starts with a drive down the mainland UK and a trip across the Solent on the car ferry. However, when on the Island itself, there’s plenty to see and do from the comfort of your car; and even a few quirks which are totally unique to the Isle of Wight. Here are a few for you to look out for.

Freshwater Bay’s dinosaur sign
Many people often say that a trip to the Isle of Wight is like a step back in time – with the traditional thatched roofs and historical buildings – but never is it more apparent when looking at the history of dinosaurs which used to roam the shores here. The Island has a strong fossil collection and many visitors enjoy exploring the spots where these were found all across the Island. However, for something a bit more unique to see, at Freshwater Bay there’s a sign welcoming visitors into the bay, which appears to show a dinosaur stomping through the waters. It was previously a sign for an arch rock which used to be a local landmark, but when the sign was damaged in a storm in the 1990s, someone changed it to show the dinosaur and it’s stuck ever since.

Watch out for the Red Squirrels signs
As many people are aware, the Island is home to red squirrels – a far less common and less confident version of the grey squirrel, which live in protected areas here on the Island. The areas that are prime red squirrel territories are marked with signs, telling you to keep your eyes peeled and watch out for them in the trees whilst you drive on through.

The UK’s oldest working phonebox
This one is a bit of a quirky one, but if you do happen to be driving on through Bembridge High Street, you should keep an eye out for an old phone box which is near to the fishmongers. It’s one of the few remaining K1 phone boxes left in the UK, and even more remarkably it still has a working phone in it – unlike most phone boxes which are being changed into other things, like libraries or cashpoints.  Perhaps you could try to make a call from the UK’s oldest phone box whilst you’re visiting?


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