The Isle of Wight coastline is a beautiful thing to behold. From tourist traps through to pebbled beaches, sandy hideways and popular surfing spots, there’s almost everything a beach goer could ever want on the Island. However, there’s one beach that’s often not as well known, that is a firm favourite of ours – and not just because it’s just a few moments away from us here at Brook House.

Brook Chine is a favourite of many visitors of ours, who love to visit for a walk during the day in the winter, or of an evening in the summer before the last of the light fades. Many of our visitors have delightful holiday photographs taken on the shores at Brook Chine, and we often like to visit ourselves.

There are a few things that stand out for this beauty spot, which makes it such a nice beach. Firstly, it’s quieter than most beaches around the Island and so you don’t have to jockey for space on beautiful summer days. It has a rocky bed, and looks beautiful particularly in the low tide. It’s also an excellent kitesurfer’s beach, and it’s a great place to sit and watch the hobbyists take to the waves in their fancy formations. Or, if you are an enthusiast yourself, it’s a fabulous beach to get involved in that sport too.

As another highlight, Brook is a perfect beach to take your four-legged-friend, as it is dog friendly all year round – unlike many of the beaches on the Isle of Wight which do have some summertime restrictions for pooches. Therefore, the whole family can visit Brook Chine when visiting Brook House and enjoy a lovely day out on the beach, undisturbed by lots of other visitors, and watch the kitesurfers play until the sun goes down. Delightful!



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