The Isle of Wight, the place which we’re so lucky to call home, was officially awarded UNESCO Biosphere status in 2019 – making it only the 7th UK destination to have this accolade. But for those of you who have never heard of UNESCO, or who have never visited the Island, we thought it was important to let you know exactly why our little plot of land has made such an impact and been awarded in this way. 

We are first and foremost known as being one of the best areas in the world for a managed landscape – meaning that the impact of human life isn’t detracting from the natural beauty or wildlife of the area. Coming across on the ferry, leaving the rest of the world behind as you cross the Solent, is one of the best ways to relax into a lovely holiday and start to immerse yourselves in the beauty spots which helped us gain this status. But where can you capture a photograph to remember it all? We’ve written about just a few of the most snappable places the Island has here in this blog.

One of the most popular places on the Isle of Wight is the Needles – these distinctive chalk landmarks and the lighthouse behind are regular features on Instagram on the Isle of Wight hashtag, and it’s easy to see why. Any visitor to the Island should definitely go and see these – and make the most of the things to see and do on the site at Alum Bay, too. 

Closer to us here at Brook House is the lovely Compton Bay, which is well known for being home to fossils from the dinosaur era and also for surfing. A winner of the Marine Conservation award, this beach is popular, come rain or shine, for visitors and locals alike. 

Moving away from the shoreline now, there’s also the lovely Newtown Creek, which is a Nature Reserve teeming with wildlife. The perfect spot for a keen bird watcher, this location also includes a variety of interesting flowers in the meadows, and it’s a great place to spot some of the Island’s distinctive furry friends – the red squirrels!

When looking to see something a little bit different, take a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Ventnor. This place has its own microclimate, and as such is perfectly placed to have created a unique garden with hundreds of species of plants, trees, flowers, succulents, herbs and more. Visit here to be astounded at the marvels growing right here on British soil!


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