Plant-based eating is one of the biggest food trends of 2018 and according to the Vegan Society, there are now over three million vegans in the UK. This number is set to rise thanks to the popularity of vegan content on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube providing information and inspiration for anyone curious about this lifestyle.

As more people now follow this diet, the Island’s food producers are following suit, and no longer do vegans struggle to find a tasty option for dining out on the Isle of Wight, and no longer do they have to settle for a plain salad and chips.

So, whether you’re a full blown ethical vegan who has chosen to eliminate all animal products from your lifestyle, a plant-based eater, vegetarian or curious flexitarian, there are now more and more places on the Island offering meat, dairy and egg free options.

Happy to accommodate
When dining with the whole family, there are plenty of places where you can dine out which aren’t fully vegan – but are happy to accommodate and turn a traditionally non vegan dish, vegan. Often, when asking at these places, they are able to turn around something enjoyable, delicious and even a little bit healthier than their traditional menu items. Well known favourites for accommodating vegans on the Island are The Hut, the Red Lion and The Piano Cafe.

New menus
Taking things a step further than just offering vegan requests on an ad-hoc basis, some of the Island’s favourite restaurants now offer soley vegan offerings on their standard menu – with Off The Rails in Yarmouth now offering a Vegan Burger, Black Garlic Pesto Pasta which sounds absolutely delightful, and their newest addition – their Smokebox Chilli. The Wight Mouse in in Chale came out with a full vegan Christmas menu this past year, and offered three courses with three different dishes to choose from in each. Further than this, their usual Wight Mouse value and taste doesn’t go amiss with their vegan options – and often customers are recommended to take their leftovers home in a box so as not to miss out on any of their delightful dishes, even when bellies are full.


Even cafes are joining in…
Now, it’s not just traditional sit down restaurants that are catering to vegan diets on the Island. Tapnell Farm Park is now a leader, with the team understanding that whilst the kids have a good run around, mum and dad might want to enjoy a series of tasty snacks. Tapnell offer a wide selection of vegan cakes, flapjacks, energy balls, chocolate bars, Hippeas snacks, dairy free yogurts and dairy free hot chocolate.


They have also now added a vegan burger to their menu to accompany plenty of vegetarian options, for those who might fancy something a little heartier when they visit.


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