Access Statements

Please do contact us if you or any of your companions have any specific access or similar issues.

There are some restrictions with our properties, caused by their age and the fact that they are Grade II listed. For example, we can only offer ground floor bedrooms in Brook House B&B. Also, please note in particular that Northbrook has two flights of stairs to access the main living accommodation and so this cottage may well not be suitable for the less mobile. However, we will be very happy to discuss with you the actual details of any particular property, and whether any reasonable adjustments can be made to assist you.

Access Information for Brook House self-catering properties – Westbrook, Northbrook and the Old Coach House

Please do not take this access information as personal opinion as to the suitability of our properties for those with access needs; we aim accurately to describe the facilities and services that we offer our visitors


The 3 Brook House self-catering properties are situated on what was formerly the private estate to Brook House. The final approach to the properties is via a private road, mostly tarmac but some gravel. The immediate area around the properties is relatively flat, but the private road is a slope. The surrounding area, leading as it does from the Downs to the coast, involves hills.

The properties are all old – in parts Georgian, some Victorian and, in the case of the Old Coach House, in parts even older. Whilst this does give the properties their valued and characterful appeal, it does raise some issues for those with access difficulties to consider.

We are always very happy to discuss what arrangements and adaptations we could reasonably make to assist anyone who wishes to come and stay at one of the cottages.

Before Arriving at Brook House

• We have a website setting out information on each of the properties.
• Bookings and enquiries can be made via email, telephone or by letter.
• All guests will be provided with booking conditions and directions to the properties by road. All information can be provided in different font size or type; please tell us what would be best for you and we will do what we can.
• Because we are very rural, bus services are limited. Details of the bus services are available from Southern Vectis at Copies of the timetable are normally available in the properties or from us. The nearest bus stop is just beyond the top of the drive, approximately 320 m from the properties.
• There is only one train service on the Island. It would not sensibly help visitors with their arrival at Brook House as it too far away; however details of service, should you wish to use it whilst you are staying, are available from On the mainland, there are train services that link to each of the ferry terminals.
• There are 2 main ferry companies providing regular services to the Island. Timetables for each are available at and The Lymington-Yarmouth route on Wightlink is the closest to the property. In addition, there are smaller foot passenger only services run by Scoot (Lymington-Yarmouth) and Island Hovertravel (Southsea-Ryde).
• Taxis are normally available at each ferry port, although we would advise booking, particularly if an accessible taxi is required. We can help with suggestions and telephone numbers for taxis if needed. For comparisons, we are approximately a 15 minute drive in a taxi from Yarmouth, 30 minutes from Cowes and 40 minutes from Ryde or Fishbourne.
• On-line shopping deliveries can be made to the cottages, currently from Tesco, Sainsbury or Waitrose. The Co-op in Freshwater do run a delivery service, but only for shopping purchased in their shop. Please book a delivery slot to coincide with a time that you will be present in the cottage.
• Our local pub, the Sun Inn at Hulverstone is approximately 650 m walk from the properties.

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

• There is car parking for each property. We can comfortably accommodate 2 cars for each property; if more are expected to be used, it is helpful for us to know so that we can discuss parking arrangements.
• The parking for Westbrook and Northbrook is in the courtyard to Brook House; the courtyard is concrete and broadly level. A plan for parking is suggested in the Welcome Book, to allow best use of the courtyard space. However, cars can be drawn up to immediately outside the front doors of these properties, to allow easier access for people or for unloading luggage, but will then normally need to be moved to ensure that the courtyard is not blocked for other drivers. The furthest distance for normal parking is 12 m from the front door.
• The parking for the Old Coach House is in the cobbled courtyard at the front of that cottage. There is a limited amount of paving, which provides a level surface running alongside the front of the cottage. Otherwise, the courtyard is, by reason of the cobbles, uneven and can, if wet, be slippery. The cobbled courtyard is for the exclusive use of the Old Coach House guests, so cars can be parked within it as best suit you. Cars can, therefore, be parked immediately outside the front or kitchen door.
• We ask visitors to call us with anticipated arrival times, so that we can arrange access into the property.

Westbrook –

Westbrook has its kitchen and sitting room, together with the utility room and a loo and shower, on the ground floor.

There is a single step (and threshold) (10 cm high) at the front door; otherwise the ground floor is on one level.

The front door is 96 cm wide, the door into the shower room is 74 cm wide, and the door into the utility is 91 cm wide.

There is no doorway from the hall into the kitchen or the kitchen and sitting room, and the openings are a minimum of 88 cm wide.

The open space in the kitchen is limited by having the dining table and chairs in that room.

The sitting room has a mixture of 2 sofas and 2 arm chairs; all are moveable.

There is a woodburning stove, with fire guard.

The flooring downstairs is tiled or wood, with a rug in the sitting room.

The kitchen has standard height worktops (91 cm high), and a mixture of low level and higher level cupboards. The electric cooker has 2 low level ovens. The microwave is on the work surface.

There is a dishwasher in the kitchen, and washer/dryer in the utility, along with the electricity fuseboard. There is also a ceiling hanging laundry dryer, and a rotary washing line (shared with Northbrook) in the courtyard near the garden.

The fridge/freezer (fridge above freezer) is in the utility.

The downstairs shower room has enclosed shower unit (with a step of 23 cm up into the shower tray, and the shower door opening is 60 cm wide. The floor is tiled.

There is a flight of 16 stairs (with middle landing) up to the first floor. The stairs have a rail on each side and are carpeted.

Once upstairs, there are no additional steps on the first floor. There are 3 bedrooms; one double (5 ft) and two twins. The larger twin and the double have access space around each side of the bed. The smaller twin has access to the beds from one side only. The doors into each bedroom are not less than 74 cm wide.

The upstairs bathroom has a bath, basin and loo with a tiled floor.

The garden for Westbrook is across the courtyard (so no immediately adjoining the property. There is a gate in to the garden ( wide), and then a small but steep slope down to the main lawn, where the table and chairs are on a decked area.

The garden is fenced, but not dogproof.

Northbrook –

Because it is situated mainly on the second floor, Northbrook is least suitable for anyone with mobility or similar difficulties.

The front door is 89 cm wide, with one step (16 cm high) to the threshold.

On the ground floor is the utility room, containing the washing machine, tumble dryer, iron and ironing board plus the electricity fuseboard (needing a ladder to reach). The floor is tiled.

There is a ceiling hanging laundry dryer in the utility, plus there is a rotary dryer (shared with Westbrook) in the courtyard, near the Westbrook garden.

There are two flights of stairs, 26 stairs in total, with a middle landing on which the shower room is located. There is a rail on one side of the stairs.

At the top of the main stairs, there is an additional 4 stairs up to the main bathroom, and, separately, 4 stairs up to the main living accommodation. There is a handrail on one side for both sets of these stairs.

Once at the second floor level, the bedrooms, kitchen and sitting room are on one level with no steps. The hall, sitting room, and bedrooms are carpeted. The kitchen and bathroom laminate/lino.

The door to the kitchen, bedrooms, sitting room and bathroom are not less than 71 cm wide. The door to the shower room on the middle landing level is 73 cm wide.

The double bedroom has a 5 ft bed, with has access on both sides of the bed. The twin room only has access to both of the beds from one side.

The shower on the middle landing is walk-in, with a shower door that is 64 cm wide, and a step 20 cm up into the tray.

The bathroom on the top floor has a bath with overhead shower, loo and basin.

There is an outside space in the courtyard with table and chairs dedicated for use by Northbrook guests.

The Old Coach House –

The door that is mainly used for access into the Old Coach House is the glazed door into the kitchen (82 cm wide).

The kitchen and hallway are on one level, and there is one step up (18 cm high) into the sitting room.

There is only the threshold to step over at the front and kitchen doors. The door from the hall into the garden has one step up and one step down (max 18 cm high).

There is a lot of space around the working area and table and chairs in the kitchen.

There is a dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer in the kitchen. There is a rotary washing line in the garden.

The kitchen table has large benches on either side, but there are 2 moveable dining chairs at head and foot of the table.

The kitchen floor is wood, and the hallway tiled with a rug. The sitting room is carpeted with a rug.

In the sitting room, there is a mixture of armchairs, small sofa and a larger sofa made up of modular units.

There is a downstairs loo with small shower accessed from the hallway with no steps. The shower is walk-in but as the room is compact, there is relatively little room for manoeuvre for both the shower and loo. The room door is 68 cm wide, the shower door is 63 cm wide, and the step up into the shower is 23 cm high.

There is a flight of 17 stairs (with middle landing) up to the first floor. The stairs have a rail on each side.

As with the ground floor, the first floor is on one level.

There are 4 bedrooms on the first floor; two doubles (both 5 ft) and two twins, together with 2 bathrooms with loos. The doors into the bedrooms and bathrooms are not less than 72 cm wide.

The doubles have access space around each side of the bed.

Three of the four twin beds have access only from one side; there is one twin bed which has access from both sides.

The stairs, bedrooms and hall are carpeted; the bathrooms are a laminated style of flooring.

In one bathroom there is a bath with loo and basin. In the larger bathroom, there is a walk-in shower (the shower door is 48 cm wide, and the step up is 30 cm and a separate bath plus loo and basin.

The sockets in the Old Coach House are set higher than the skirtings, generally around 5 cm above.

The garden is fenced, but not dogproof.

Lighting –
In each property and each sitting room and bedroom, there is a mix of central lighting and table and bedside lamps. Each bed has access to a bedside lamp. We are happy to provide additional moveable lighting where possible on request.

Heating –
All of the properties are heated by a central biomass furnace, with conventional radiators in the properties. There is a digital thermostat in each, allowing heating to be adjusted for comfort. Because of varying wishes for heating, we normally set an early morning to late evening temperature of approximately 18° and overnight at approximately 15°, but the thermostat allows visitors to adjust the temperature by plus or minus 5°. We can adjust the temperature beyond this to suit visitors on request.

Washing Machines and Dryers –
There are standard front loading washers and dryers (or in Westbrook washer/dryer) in each unit, in the kitchen in the Old Coach House and in the utility rooms in Northbrook and Westbrook. There are also external rotary washing lines for all of the properties, together with an overhead drying rack in Westbrook and Northbrook.

Additional information –

There are external lights at each front door on sensors.

There are smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in each property.

There is good mobile phone reception for o2 and EE but no Vodafone coverage.

There is wi-fi in all properties.

We welcome visitors with dogs in all properties.

Having read through our Access Information, if something is not entirely clear, please do ask us. Alternatively, if you feel we have omitted some important information, please let us know so that we can clarify this for you and future visitors.

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