If you’re looking for a beachy day out on the Isle of Wight, and don’t come with pushchairs in tow, there are several hidden gems across the Island where you certainly won’t be competing for space. Take a look at a few of our favourites here:


Compton Bay
Compton Bay isn’t really a hidden gem as such, as one of the most popular beaches on the Island, however, some areas of it are far quieter than others. For most, when they say that they are visiting Compton they are usually at the Hanover Point end of the beach which is just a few steps away from the beach itself. However, if you navigate further along to the Compton Bay end – the beach is quieter, prettier and the water is free from rocks. The best way down to the beach this way is by Compton Farm, so it’s well worth a trip to enjoy the views and the delight that comes from having an almost empty beach to enjoy.

Whale Chine
The steps down to Whale Chine on the Military Road are long gone and have been replaced with a great big red sign warning of imminent destruction if you come anywhere near. However, if you are cautious with the tides and are willing to walk along from an adjacent beach, then it’s a spectacular stretch of raw coastline. It’s got imposing cliffs which loom over the shingled beach and has unspoilt views along a lovely stretch of the South West coastline. On a summer’s evening you’ll find half a dozen fishermen happily lobbing their bait into the sea.

Whitecliff Bay
Getting to Whitecliff Bay near Bembridge requires a long walk through one of the two holiday parks nearby, meaning that many Islanders and regular holidaymakers have never been, as it’s not an obvious route. However, once you get there, it’s got a beautiful sandy beach with high cliffs and water which is ideal for a dip. If you can navigate successfully through the holiday parks and head down the steep slope heading down to the beach, Whitecliff Bay is well worth a visit.

Steephill Cove
Steephill Cove is also not so hidden anymore, as it’s been covered and mentioned on many news outlets across the UK and covered by blogs alike – but its most definitely a gem. Steephill Cove is a tiny beach just outside Ventnor, with a beautiful little crab shack down on the shore where you can enjoy a delightful bite of fresh seafood.  If you time it right, you can watch your lunch being landed by the family that owns the shack’s fishing boat. You have to walk down to this beautiful part of the Island, as there is no road access. We’d always recommend a trip here for a unique beach experience.


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